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75-Story Skyscraper New York’s MoMA November 19, 2007

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Jean Nouvel unveiled his design for The Tower at 53rd West 53rd Street this weekend. As well as the now-obligatory apartments and seven-star swank-hotel, the 75-story glass-and-steel structure will have three floors dedicated to housing the overflow collection of the neighbouring MoMA. Check the gallery below to see what the skyscraper, whose construction is expected to begin some time next year, is expected to look like.



Mac OSX Leopard Spaces Hint November 12, 2007

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In Spaces view mode (F8), you can move all windows of an application together (from one space) to another space by dragging them with Control key or Shift key held down. 

100Mbps fiber optic FIOS love November 12, 2007

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You might have heard about Verizon’s new 20/20 symmetric FiOS—a sweet 20Mbps upstream and down. But 20 ain’t 100, and we’re damn jealous of the Japanese, so we got on the phone and asked the guys managing Verizon’s tubes what’s around the bend. The scoop for city dwellers is that we can expect “not too distant” announcements about FiOS availability in Manhattan thanks to ultra-bendable Corning fiber ideal for labyrinthine build-out in apartment high-rises. So, what’s the holdup on the Japan- style 100Mbps fiber optic love? Doesn’t Verizon have the pipes to supply it? Here are the answers to those questions, and the most important of them all: When is it coming to your house?


China’s $99 million Ferris wheel November 5, 2007

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bigwheel_keep_on_turnin.jpg Jaws were dropping all around when our own Adam Frucci brought back video of his harrowing 377-foot-high ride in a glass-bottomed car on the Odaiba Ferris Wheel in Tokyo, but now the Chinese are going to top that wheel with the tallest one in the world. Today, construction began on the Great Wheel of China, a $99 million Ferris wheel that will tower over Beijing at a stupendous 680 feet when construction is complete in 2009. This is not just any Ferris wheel, though.ou won’t be sitting in swinging and swaying benches on this baby. Each one of its 48 cars is like a gondola, air-conditioned and holding 40 passengers, for a total of 1920 stomachs pressed against the top of their abdominal cavities as the big wheel keeps on turnin’. Nobody’s talking about how long it’ll take to load this beast. Too bad there was so much bickering over the design of the gigantic wheel, because originally the plan was to complete construction in time for next summer’s Beijing Olympics. [MSNBC, via Spluch] http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/world.s-tallest/china-begins-construction-on-worlds-tallest-ferris-wheel-318855.php