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Microsoft Will Buy 20 Companies a Year for 5 Years October 18, 2007

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Steve Ballmer showed up at Thursday morning’s session of the Web 2.0 Summit ready to talk about acquisitions. Starbucks cup in hand, the Microsoft chief executive, told conference host John Battelle that Microsoft is ready to buy twenty companies a year consistently for the next 5 years.

“Those will be good acquisitions, and they’re important to us,” he said. “And they’re of strategic importance. When you say ‘What are you going to buy that’s $15 billion,’ there are not many things at that price range. At that price range, you’re talking about a couple dozen things, and on those I can basically say ‘No comment.’

Ballmer half-jokingly said the purchases will range between 50 or 100 million to a couple hundred million each. He also offered up his e-mail address (steveb@microsoft.com), inviting entrepreneurs to pitch him any products they may want to sell.

“My god, you’re about to get a thousand e-mails,” Battelle said.

“Maybe one will be worth buying,” Ballmer responded.

More highlights from the talk below.

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