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How to boost your Wifi October 3, 2007

Posted by farshadf in Interesting.

No doubt you’ve got a home wireless network or you’ve connected to hotspots at the local coffee shop or airport—but are you getting the most out of your Wi-Fi? Whether you want to strengthen, extend, bridge, secure, sniff, detect, or obscure your signal, today we’ve got our top 10 best Wi-Fi utilities and tweaks for the power wireless user. Photo by thms.nl.

10. Improve Coverage with Better Placement

While there are several software and hardware hacks for boosting your Wi-Fi signal (see below), there are also a few simple adjustments you can make to an unmodded access point to get the best coverage. The NY Times says:

  • Place the base station centrally on an upper floor, or atop furniture, because radio waves spread best laterally and down
  • Reception will be better if the signal does not have to travel at steep angles and if it doesn’t have to go through thick walls, mirrors, fish tanks or anything metal
  • Place wireless network components far from other devices in the house that can cause interference, like cordless phones, microwave ovens, baby monitors or halogen lamps
  • Change the default signal channnel (usually set to 6) to avoid interference with neighbors’ network devices

9. Extend Your Signal with a Repeater or Wire It With a Bridge

Still not getting enough bars in the basement? Have to perch yourself on the windowsill to get a usable signal from your neighbors? Get yourself a wireless signal repeater (or turn your own router into one) to extend your coverage even further.

For those of you with wired devices far from the access point who need a little connection love, a wireless bridge (sometimes called an Ethernet converter) can use to your wireless signal and provide a few plugs for wired devices (like your media center in the living room.)

Get the rest of the tips at this site




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