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Naked Cowboy Average Tips: $1000 in ten hours September 28, 2007

Posted by farshadf in Interesting, NYC.

It’s hard enough standing on stage, pouring your heart out in front of a sea of strange faces. Try doing it while that sea is floating by (ie, on a street-corner). It takes guts, it takes balls, but, apparently, it also pays off. We checked in with a few of the metropolitan-maestros within walking distance of our office to get their stats. Consider the following as inspiration to get up, get out and do something. Sure, a gig at Madison Square Garden can buy you a mansion, but playing Union Square Station pays pretty good too.

Name: Tripp Dudley
Location: Union Square Park West
Tripp plays his bongo as backup for a tap dancer that refused to give her name. Could have something to do with the dough they’re pulling in.
Average Tips: $75 / hour

Name: The Broken Bottle Band
Location: Washington Square Park
These displaced Hurricane Katrina refugees get by traveling the country as musicians and clowns. Incredibly, when we asked about money, they said they’d “never really counted before going to the liquor store.”
Average Tips: $200 / day

Name: John H.
Location: Herald Square Subway Station
John H. couldn’t give his last name due to “contractual obligations.” He is a professional drummer that uses the street as a “practice space.”
Average Tips: $150 / day

Name: Shogo Kubo
Location: Union Square Subway Station
Shogo claims to be “decently well-known” but still plays every chance he gets. Really, EVERY CHANCE HE GETS.
Average tips: $100 – $150 / day

Name: Andrew Duncan
Location: Union Square Park East
Andrew has only been playing in the park for two weeks. We’re assuming this is beer money or cash for new strings.
Average Tips: $75 – $150 / day

Name: Robert John Bucock aka The Naked Cowboy
Location: Times Square
The Naked Cowboy has been playing in a g-string and boots and a hat in Times Square for over 10 years, inspiring many to copy his nude success.
Average Tips: $1000 in ten hours

Nothing wrong with getting paid to play. End of story. But how do our guys compare to those in your neck of the woods? We’d like to know. Really. Send up some pics and stats, we’re going to compile a map and get back to you. And if you know you’re going to be playing on the street someday, let everyone know in your promoter.




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