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Naked Cowboy Average Tips: $1000 in ten hours September 28, 2007

Posted by farshadf in Interesting, NYC.
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It’s hard enough standing on stage, pouring your heart out in front of a sea of strange faces. Try doing it while that sea is floating by (ie, on a street-corner). It takes guts, it takes balls, but, apparently, it also pays off. We checked in with a few of the metropolitan-maestros within walking distance of our office to get their stats. Consider the following as inspiration to get up, get out and do something. Sure, a gig at Madison Square Garden can buy you a mansion, but playing Union Square Station pays pretty good too.

Name: Tripp Dudley
Location: Union Square Park West
Tripp plays his bongo as backup for a tap dancer that refused to give her name. Could have something to do with the dough they’re pulling in.
Average Tips: $75 / hour

Name: The Broken Bottle Band
Location: Washington Square Park
These displaced Hurricane Katrina refugees get by traveling the country as musicians and clowns. Incredibly, when we asked about money, they said they’d “never really counted before going to the liquor store.”
Average Tips: $200 / day

Name: John H.
Location: Herald Square Subway Station
John H. couldn’t give his last name due to “contractual obligations.” He is a professional drummer that uses the street as a “practice space.”
Average Tips: $150 / day



Riding Shotgun on an Apache Gunship September 11, 2007

Posted by farshadf in Interesting.
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riding_shotgun_3.jpgAs if it wasn’t cool enough already to be an Apache pilot, these pictures arrive to make us even more envious. If an Apache is nearby a rescue situation then they will sometimes try to lend a hand – even though they only have two seats. The lucky/unlucky co-pilot has to step outside and sit on the wing stub, to make room for the evacuee. These guys at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo are practicing the move. I imagine that noisy, uncomfortable and fun doesn’t even begin to describe this.


Creating iPhone Ringtones for free September 10, 2007

Posted by farshadf in Iphone.
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Because Fission can losslessly edit AAC and MP3 files, it’s always been great for creating ringtones. Using Fission, you can crop audio down to your desired snippet, fade the ends in and out, and save, all in just a few clicks. Add the files to any phone that accepts MP3 or AAC audio files for ringtones, and you’re all set.Sadly, Apple’s iPhone didn’t accept custom ringtones for the first two months of its life. Apple shipped the iPhone with a nice selection of built-in ringtones, but unless you were willing to use one of the assortment of unsupported third-party hacks, the iPhone wouldn’t accept other files as ringtones.