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Where the Conchords Roam, Deep on the LES August 22, 2007

Posted by farshadf in NYC.
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If you looked at the above image and immediately thought “New Zealand consulate!” you may enjoy this real estate parlor game for a rainy afternoon. Several board members at LES Online are pinpointing the real-life locations from HBO’s Flight of the Conchords, such as the East Broadway Medical Associates building at 232 East Broadway that’s virtually home to Murray’s office. Also spotted: the bar Clandestino and “the non-existent (in reality) sidewalk cafe on Montgomery St. where the band duo meet for coffee.”


$1.5 Million Yacht Plunges Nose-First Into the Ocean August 15, 2007

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Yes, this picture is real. It’s of a $1.5 million yacht falling off its sling while being loaded into a cargo ship for delivery in Dubai. If you didn’t notice, yes, there’s a dude going “oh shit” on the back of the boat as it goes down, to give you a sense of the size of the 55-foot vessel (he was fine). Hit the jump for a sad view of the aftermath.

fastest computer in the world only $200 Million August 6, 2007

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According to some leaked government documents, IBM is working on building a monstrous $200 million petaflop supercomputer. Commissioned by the National Science Foundation, it would be the fastest computer in the world, the first to break the petaflop barrier. For you folks keeping track at home, a petaflop is a thousand trillion mathematical operations per second. Yeah, that’s fast. To be located in Chicago, the computer would reportedly cost not only $200 million to build, but over $400 million to maintain over its five-year lifetime. It’ll be used for only a small number of “Grand Challenge” science projects, such as simulating global warming and playing Crysis at 60fps. Your quad-core XPS tower just got a lot less impressive.

P&O building in london August 3, 2007

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A 15-story office block in the heart of London is being demolished backwards in order to build a skyscraper in its place. Demolishers are working up from the ground level upwards, dismantling each floor to reveal the concrete core of the P&O building. Find out why, and the new skyscraper replacing it, after the jump. more ยป