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Recover stolen Ipod February 28, 2007

Posted by farshadf in iPod.

They’re expensive, small and easy to steal. Media devices such as iPods, PSP, USB flash drives, digital cameras and others are hot items for thieves. Once stolen chances are very slim that they will be recovered.

What if your device could phone home? Well now it can. With our patent-pending GadgetTrak™ system, you simply register your device and install our agent files in the root of your device. If your device is stolen you log into our interface and flag it as lost or stolen. The next time the device is accessed it will attempt to contact us and provide data regarding the system it is plugged into including:

Register you free account
Public IP Address
Location (Country, City, State & Zip)*
Computer Name
Host name of ISP
Internal network IP address



1. Michael Bingham - March 4, 2007

what do i do if my ipod was already stolen and i did not a have a chance to register it with gadget trak?

2. MarkGalvez 8) - March 29, 2007

Well my first i-pod shuffle is stolen but didnt saw this….thing before To Bad,, So sad…
For me T.T
But ill try registering after getting my frozen i-pod working T.T

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