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Windows keeps track of your cell phone minutes February 15, 2007

Posted by farshadf in Interesting.

Windows only: Freeware system tray app WatchMyCell logs into your cell phone account and keeps a watchful eye on how many minutes you’ve used for the month.

Just download and install the program, set it up with your provider (currently supports Cingular, Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint, and Nextel), then define your rules for how soon you’d like to be alerted of your dwindling minutes and what form you’d like that alert to take (email or SMS). This little app should come in handy for anyone who’s stared down the barrel of an unexpectedly large cell phone bill. We’ve seen similar Firefox extensions, but the added alert is what really makes WatchMyCell so useful.

– Is it safe?
All information saved on your desktop is as safe as your computer is, really. All information transmitted to cell provider site to check the account is sent over standard 1024 bit encryption (over SSL). So that’s as safe as that gets! Your information is not stored on any watchmycell.com databases so nothing to worry about there either.

– How does it work?
So you download the application. It should auto-start and ask you to configure your alert. You set up the alert and that’s it. The application checks your online account every 3 hours. If you are about to run out of minutes it just sends you a SMS and/or email!



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