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Play bittorrent files in Quicktime instead of VLC September 25, 2006

Posted by farshadf in G4 & G5 Macs, Intel Inside, Uncategorized.

Missing your favorite television show – be it Greys Anatomy, Nip/Tuck, or Prison Break – is a thing of past. The modern convenience of DVRs and the bittorrent network allow anyone with access to broadband internet to acquire their favorite episodes within hours (or less). Until now, playback of downloaded episodes often required the open source VLC Media Player due to the video encoding – DivX / XviD – of most distributed television episodes.

The fix? A small XviD QuickTime Component.

  1. Depending on your hardware configuration, download the PPC or Intel binaries (~2MB).
  2. Unzip and drag the AviImporter-r7 & XviD_Codec-r58 components into ~/Library/QuickTime. If the directory does not exist, create it and then drag the components within. Restart in order for Front Row to properly detect the new components.
  3. Test your new QuickTime components by dragging any bittorrent episode into the Movies directory and starting Front Row. If all is as it should be, Front Row will play your file(s) as they were meant to be watched – from the comforts of your couch / bed with remote in hand.



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