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Who would volvo NOT give a volvo to ? September 20, 2006

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volvo_give.jpgYesterday during lunch, Nathan Burke checked out a promotion on the Volvo website that contained the headline, “Who Would You Give A Volvo To?” So he checked out the site which asks people to submit stories and/or videos about special people in their lives and why he’d like them to have a Volvo. While car manufacturers don’t give cars aways every day, the wording of the promotion certainly might lead someone to believe one would be. But, buried deep in the FAQ is this: “Is there a Volvo vehicle being given away as part of the ‘Who Would You Give A Volvo To?’ campaign? No. The WWYGAVT campaign is intended to make people think about the safety initiatives Volvo has taken in vehicle development and therefore why they would consider a Volvo for the special individuals in their lives.”

So while it’s nice to see Volvo getting into the whole consumer generated media/social media/get consumers to make your ads thing, one might assume Volvo would at least offer some sort of incentive for people to offer up their stories. Oh sure, we should all be willing to pontificate our love for another without being bribed to do so but this isn’t a come to Jesus meeting. It’s capitalism hard at work. Volvo wants to sell cars. Volvo wants people to get all emotional because emotion sells. But in a tit for tat capitalistic society, a little give and take is not always a bad thing. Would one car really cost them that much? No, they spend more than that on advertising in less than one hour in any given day. It’s peanuts. But to the average person, the chance to win a car is a very big motivator.



1. Cathy Wilson - October 3, 2006

My daughter is a single mother of 3 teen girls. She works 50-60 hours a week to provide for them. She is driving a Dawoo. Yes that is right a Dawoo. A Korean made car most folks have never hear of. She is a girl scout leader and a Mom who takes all the kids with her to theam parks, the zoo church and many other places. I would love to see her have a car that is reliable and big enough for all the activities. If possible could it be a used car so I could afford the tax and insurance? I am very proud of her and the great girls she is raising. This would make life easier. Her name is Coleen Moore

2. JZ Zaranka - October 3, 2006

After reading your article I now realize the the Volvo ad is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I wanted to recommend my neice, so I searched the web. Yet I couldn’t find a site that ACTUALLY let you enter someone for the car and now I know why.
However benign the ads are in wanting to show how safe the cars are. The ads are outright LIES. The fact that they make believe it is a giveaway makes it even worse. It reminds me of the furniture “bait and switch” ads. Get the people in the showroom, have them visit your site and even when some realize that the ad is NOT really to give a Volvo away and a majority of them leave the site or store, a percentage will stay. For any one who stays at the site or at the showroom, it counts as a win for them. I never thought Volvo would stop so low. The worst commercials are not the annoying ones, they are the ones that use “smoke and mirrors” as Volvo has done. Making you believe in something that doesn’t exist.

Ciao & Arigatou

3. Amie Anderson - October 3, 2006

I would give one to my boyfriend Chris.We are expecting our first child together in January. He drives an old Acura Integra that is falling apart, but with a child on the way he can’t afford anything else. He loves volvos for their style and safety. He drives 2 hours to work and 2 hours back from work and I know his car will give out soon! He is a hard worker and very excited about starting a family of his own. Thank You!!

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