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hide your menu bar like you hide your dock July 18, 2006

Posted by farshadf in G4 & G5 Macs, Intel Inside, Uncategorized.

What’s menufela?
Menufela is an delicious piece of code that hides your menubar, giving you back those pixels you’ve never been able to put to use before.

Why do I want menufela?
Probably because it gives you extra space (it may not look like much, but it matters) and it looks so cool.. so minimalistic.
also if you’re like me and don’t use the spotlight menu item enough to justify the space it takes up in your menubar, menufela lets you get rid of it.

Come on, just list what it does!

  • It “auto hides” the menubar, just like when you hide your dock it pops out when you move the mouse to the edge of the screen.
  • You can set a hotkey to show/hide the menubar so if you don’t want the menubar to be hidden all the time you can just set any key combo to toggle menufela. This is very comfortable if you just want to get rid of the menubar when working in a couple of applications (the extra space does wonders when working in Final Cut or Photoshop)
  • It also let’s you hide away that spotlight icon you replaced with Quicksilver ages ago

Can I see it?
Sure, just click here to view a quick demo.




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