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GimmeSomeTune July 14, 2006

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About GimmeSomeTune
Feature 1: A beautiful, translucent floating window providing you with information about the currently playing tune.

Feature 2: Highly configurable hot-keys. For nearly every aspect of iTunes, GimmeSomeTune has got a hot-key for you. But you can control iTunes also via the status menu in the right menu bar.

Feature 3: Cover art fetching from the internet. That’s right, GimmeSomeTune will get you covers from the Internet and automatically adds them to iTunes, if you choose to. For a feature like that, you would have to pay good money, but GimmeSomeTune gives it to you for free.

Feature 4: Customization. Nearly every aspect of this application is configurable to fit your personal, individual needs.

Feature 5: A launcher daemon. This starts/quits GimmeSomeTune whenever iTunes is started/quitted.

Feature 6: iChat support. GimmeSomeTune lets you specify the “Current iTunes Track” status message and it sets — if you choose to — your status message to “iTunes paused” whenever you pause a song in iTunes.

Feature 7: “Recent Tunes” menu. Presents you with your recently played tunes and lets you replay them again.

Feature 8: A mini controller (optional too). This lets you easily and quickly control iTunes.

What’s New in this Version
– Fixed bugs in cover-fetching
– Now lets you set your iChat picture to cover art of currently playing song
– Mini controller
– Many under-the-hood changes
– Slightly improved performance in several areas

Company: Eternal Storms Software

Version: 1.6

Post Date: July 5, 2006

License: Freeware

File Size: 376K

URL Type: Download

Download ID: 9479



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