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How to forward your Hotmail to Gmail made EASY July 6, 2006

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GetMail for Hotmail is a Hotmail mail forwarding program that started life because of the lack of a POP3 server for Hotmail. If you have tried looking for a POP3 server address for Hotmail you’ll know what I mean! From this it has evolved into a flexible mail directing and forwarding program, and not just for Hotmail mail either. By using GetMail with other third party POP3 tools you can also forward on AOL and many other account types making it the ideal tool to use for not only mass migrating all your e-mail (including Hotmail) to Gmail but also to continue forwarding on mail received in your old accounts, whether they be Hotmail accounts or not! For those of you wishing to forward on other POP accounts I’ve created a list of SMTP servers that may help.

Some of its main features include :-

  • Multiple recipients
  • Read your Hotmail on your Blackberry
  • Optionally forward on Hotmail Bulk Mail
  • Forward from any of your personal Hotmail folders and mark which folder mail came from
  • Make managing multiple mail accounts on multiple servers easy
  • SSL compatible *
  • Mark forwarded mail as read OR delete
  • Exe and Zip attachment filter
  • SMS Subject Compatability
  • Forward mail through (effective) spam filtered accounts
  • Run as a windows service
  • Discreet (Tray icon) existence
  • Check out the hotmail forwarding awards!

* To use SSL you will need to download 2 extra DLL’s. Please see the FAQ.For more detailed information on some of the features and uses of GetMail for Hotmail please check out the Features Page

If you are looking for a complete anti-spam solution for your e-mail (including Hotmail) then may I suggest MailWasher PRO. It’s what I personally use and can highly recommend it!

Want to forward on Yahoo Mail to another account? GetMail works with YPOPS

Want to forward on GMail to another account? GetMail is compatible with GMail’s POP and SMTP servers via SSL

Want to forward on AOL (or any other number of webmail based systems) to another account? GetMail works with FreePOPS

GetMail for Hotmail has become very popular and has turned into a major job for me (it takes up almost all of my spare time). If you like the software and would like to show some appreciation for the effort that has gone into making it why not make a small donation? Not only will this help to cover my hosting costs, it may also keep my wife on side? Those of you generous to donate will also get access to the migration tool instructions as well as the opportunity to download GetMail Mail Key For Hotmail

Full Download GetMail for Hotmail 3.2(602KB) – Full installation – 25 February 2006

Update Download 3.2(517KB) – New Executable And Any Required Files – 07 May 2006



1. s - February 22, 2007

I don’t get it, vcan I export my old homail’s email to m new gmail account with that thing?

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