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How to stop your iPod automatically updating itself June 29, 2006

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With manual updating, you can add music to your iPod directly using iTunes, and you can delete music from your iPod as well. The iPod name appears in the iTunes Source list, and you can double click to open it, displaying the iPod playlists.

You may have one or more reasons for updating manually, but some obvious ones are the following:
  • Your entire music library may be too big for your iPod, and therefore, you want to copy individual albums, songs, or playlists to the iPod directly.
  • You want to share a single music library with several iPods, and you have different playlists that you want to copy to each iPod directly.
  • You want to copy some music from another computer’s music library, without deleting any music from your iPod.
  • You want to edit the playlists and song information directly on your iPod without changing anything in your computer’s library.
  • You want to play the songs on your iPod using iTunes on the Mac, playing through the Mac’s speakers.

When you set your iPod to update manually, the entire contents of the iPod is active and available in iTunes. You can copy music directly to your iPod, delete songs on the iPod, and edit the iPod playlists directly.

To set your iPod to update manually, follow these steps:

1. Connect the iPod to your Mac, holding down the Command and Option keys to prevent automatic updating.

Continue holding the keys down until the iPod name appears in the iTunes Source list.

2. Select the iPod name in the iTunes Source list.

3. Click the iPod options button.

The iPod Preferences window appears.

4. Check the Manually Manage Songs and Playlists option.

iTunes displays the “Disabling automatic update requires manually unmounting the iPod before each disconnect” message.

5. Click OK to accept the new iPod preferences.

The iPod contents now appear active in iTunes, and not grayed out.

Copying music directly

To copy music to your iPod directly, follow these steps (with your iPod connected to your Mac):

1. Select the iTunes music library in the Source list.

The library’s songs appear in a list view or in Browse view.

2. Drag items directly from your iTunes music library over the iPod name in the Source list, as shown in Figure 1.

When you copy a playlist, all the songs associated with the playlist copy along with the playlist itself. When you copy an album, all the songs in the album are copied.

3. When the updating finishes, the iTunes status view says “iPod update is complete” and you can then click the iPod Eject button that appears in the bottom right side of the iTunes window.

Figure 1: Copy an album of songs directly from the iTunes library to the iPod.

Deleting music on your iPod

With manual updating, you can delete songs from the iPod directly. While an automatic update adds and deletes songs, manual deletion is a nice feature if you just want to go in and delete a song or an album to make room for more music.

To delete any song in the song list with your iPod set to manual updating, follow these steps:

1. Select the iPod in the iTunes Source list.

2. Open the iPod’s contents in iTunes.

3. Select a song or album on the iPod in iTunes, and press the Delete key or choose Edit –> Clear.

iTunes displays a warning to make sure you want to do this; click OK to go ahead or Cancel to stop. If you want to delete a playlist, select the playlist and press the Delete key or choose Edit –> Clear.

As in the iTunes library, if you delete a playlist, the songs themselves are not deleted — they are still on your iPod unless you delete them from the iPod song list or update the iPod automatically with other songs or playlists.





1. Elizabeth Noble - March 15, 2007

Help. No matter what I do, when I connect my ipod to my Mac it automatically starts updating and once it does that I cannot go into options or do anything to make the update manual. I have a lot of music on my ipod that is not in my itunes library. I tried plugging in a friends ipod to disable the automatic update – I went to options and clicked manual. But it didn’t work, as soon as I connected mine – same think happened. . .

Please help!


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