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Banksy June 23, 2006

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Banksy returned to his home town of Bristol this week and hit up a local sexual health clinic with a terrific new work depicting a naked lover hanging from a window.

The most interesting thing for us is that, according to the BBC, the Bristol City Council, whose offices overlook the piece, are now reaching out to the public to decide whether or not to buff the piece or keep it. A city official is quoted as saying "We are encouraging debate amongst residents and would like to hear people's views and comments… We have to decide if it is public art or graffiti. If enough locals like it then it will stay."

For us, this is the first time we've heard of a city actually using a piece of uncommissioned art to spark debate. Very interesting, and smart, of them to tap into the power and popularity of Banksy's work at a time where most people's opinions of "what is art" and what isn't is being redefined by artists like Banksy and others.

You can participate in the debate on the Bristol City Council's website here.

Metro.co.uk is also encouraging people to post their opinions their website on whether or not the city should keep the piece. You can comment on the debate here.



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