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The .plist files should be thrown out if adobe suite gives you problems June 21, 2006

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.Plist files are used by applications to store preferences, settings, and information like recent items. Almost every application maintains one, or several, .plist files. Sometimes an application's .plist file gets corrupted, often because the application crashes or is force-quit. This can lead to erratic behaviour, or the application refusing to start up at all.

The first trouble-shooting step is to quit the offending application, move its .plist file(s) to the desktop, and restart. A new, clean, and wholesome .plist file will be created and hopefully the application will now run correctly. You will have to visit the 'Application-name::Preferences…' menu to restate your preferences. If all is well trash the old .plist from the desktop.

If this step does not fix the problem, replace the newly-created .plist with the original to restore your preference settings, then move on to the next trouble-shooting tip.

Where are the .plist files to be found? All your personal preference settings are to be found in the folder Library:Preferences within your home folder. The plist file will most likely be named in the following way:


For example, ichat's .plist files are:

…and more…

The company-domain-name prefix gives a different 'name space' to every company, so eliminating any chance of filename clashes.

System-wide preference settings are held in the folder Library:Preferences at the root of the system disc. If a system service like Software Update is acting up, try the preference trash trick on this folder. You will most likely need to be an administrator to move and trash system-wide .plist files.



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